How will I know if you're the right Therapist for me?

I believe the most important component of counselling is the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor. Therefore, meeting for an initial session is important because it will allow me to assess whether I am the right therapist for you.  It equally allows you to get to know me, to ask as many questions as you like and to gauge whether you would feel comfortable enough working with me on a weekly basis.  

What happens in the initial session?  

During  the initial session we will spend some time clarifying your needs and what you hope to gain from counselling. Together we will decide whether you could benefit from  counselling and I will  tailor the therapy to meet your needs. My aim will be to support you to explore your options without fear of judgment and help you find your own solutions. 

How long does counselling last?

I offer both long term and short term counselling and this will depend very much on you and your needs. Initially, I offer up to six sessions after which we can review your progress and decide if you would like to continue with some further sessions,  or if longer term counselling could be of benefit. It also  gives you the opportunity to say if you feel I'm not the right therapist for you. If this is the case, there is no obligation for you to stay in therapy with me and I will do my best to refer you to another therapist who might be more suitable.  

How long do sessions last?

Each session will normally last about 60 mins and I will work gently at a pace that suits your needs. Each session will take place at an agreed time set each week. 

How much will you pay?

Initial Session is free

Costs - £40 per session.

Adult (18+) students £30 per session

Couples - £50 per session.

​If you are struggling financially I also keep some sessions open depending on circumstances - please contact me to discuss

Cancellation or missed appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give 24 hours notice, otherwise a cancellation fee may be incurred.

​Hope in Hand​

What I Offer

As your Counsellor​, I offer a warm, sensitive, confidential space where you can express yourself freely and safely and explore  options without fear of judgement. I tailor the therapy to meet your needs and my aim will be to support you to find your own solutions